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Lamudi Uganda

Agency Services

Property Valuation When you make use of property valuation services, you get the right estimate or worth of your property. All details about the property will be given in the property valuation report through which you can understand the exact estimate current value of your property. If you are loo ....

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Lamudi Uganda

Land documantation

LAND DOCUMENTATION Buying real estate involves different processes but one of the most important part is ensuring that you have the proper documents that show that you are the owner of the property. This is a rule of common sense that the law also practically demands. The principle of ownership an ....

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Lamudi Uganda

Consultancy services

We provide specialized investment and financial advice to clients who are looking to buy, sell, or invest in property. As real estate consultants, we provide as many details as possible so that our clients can make their decisions and avoid problems in the process. We provide clients wit ....

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